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Hello, gecko lovers, the very talented :iconhrlss-geckotea: has just released her first comic called "Gecko Tea". It's a story about fantasy/magical reptiles in an exotic pet store who display human traits. I admit I haven't had a chance to read it all, but I remember reading a small section of her story a while ago and I very much loved it! :D Right now, her story is a web comic, but printed copies will be available soon!

Here is Miss Gecko Tea's gallery folder of her very intriguing and ingenious…
And here is her Gecko Tea website…

Here is a brief synopsis of her story...

"Gecko Tea is based around an exotic pet shop and the animals that live and are available there."

"A girl named Momo whose knowledge of the exotic world is brief, discovers the shop and its unique way of doing things! With strange shop keepers that enjoy the brewing and blending of herbs and teas, she sees that it seems to have a rather magical effect on the all too human acting animals! Tea drinking reptiles, giant cake loving geckos and a family of shape shifting creatures are only the start of what Momo discovers as she becomes a part of the team. "

I hope you will go and check out her amazing story. I know I will once I have a chance...
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October 25, 2013


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