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Hello, gecko lovers, the very talented :iconhrlss-geckotea: has just released her first comic called "Gecko Tea". It's a story about fantasy/magical reptiles in an exotic pet store who display human traits. I admit I haven't had a chance to read it all, but I remember reading a small section of her story a while ago and I very much loved it! :D Right now, her story is a web comic, but printed copies will be available soon!

Here is Miss Gecko Tea's gallery folder of her very intriguing and ingenious…
And here is her Gecko Tea website…

Here is a brief synopsis of her story...

"Gecko Tea is based around an exotic pet shop and the animals that live and are available there."

"A girl named Momo whose knowledge of the exotic world is brief, discovers the shop and its unique way of doing things! With strange shop keepers that enjoy the brewing and blending of herbs and teas, she sees that it seems to have a rather magical effect on the all too human acting animals! Tea drinking reptiles, giant cake loving geckos and a family of shape shifting creatures are only the start of what Momo discovers as she becomes a part of the team. "

I hope you will go and check out her amazing story. I know I will once I have a chance...
Hello, I just thought I would relate to everyone an endearing story about Ginger, my best friend crested gecko. I hope you enjoy it and feel free to share any special stories about your crested geckos here...

On Friday August 2, Ginger did the cutest but oddest thing!

After her evening nap in my bra, I put her back in her tank as I was getting ready to go out for crickets, and checking my bra for any "gifts", I found an egg. Ginger had laid an infertile egg in my bra!

I haven't bred Ginger in 7 years, but even though I've kept her chaste she still ovulates and lays infertile eggs. But she's always dug in her nesting box and shown normal nesting behavior. This is the first time she's done it in my bra...

She didn't lay the second one, though she was digging on the weekend. On Monday August 5 (3 days later) she had her nap in my bra while I was getting her dinner ready and when I put her back in her tank, instead of setting her down on a branch, I set her down in her nesting box and said.

"Here, mommy will put you in your nesting box so you can lay that other egg. You know what to do."

And walking away but returning no more than 2 minutes later, I was surprised and shocked to see that Ginger had just laid the other egg! But the odd thing was that she didn't dig, she just laid it right where I set her down. And then afterwards, she just sniffed at it and left it, she didn't try to cover it up. (I guess she knew it wasn't good, though she always buried them before). So I put my hand in front of her, and she climbed on. I thought it was so endearing that she was interested in more cuddle time than burying her infertile egg. :aww:

I also thought it was cute that she did exactly what I told her to do!
Hello everyone,

I have opened up two new folders that I thought were needed...

One folder called HOLIDAYS. If you have photos or other art of your beloved crested gecko celebrating Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Valentine's Day, St.Patrick's Day, Memorial Day, birthdays and any other festive celebratory occasion, submit it here.

The other folder is called LITERATURE. Is your heart so full of love for your beloved crested gecko that it spills onto the page? If you are one of those-like me-who write poems to your crested geckos then submit it here.

Would any of you be interested in a folder called OTHER RHACODACTYLUS SPECIES or one  called OTHER GECKOS? Would you like the group to open up a bit more with this type of folder or would you like to keep it strictly for crested geckos?

I hope everyone is enjoying this beginning of Spring, may all of your hopes, dreams, and wishes come true with this season of renewal...and may all of your eggs hatch into beauty realized!
Hello everyone,

I am NocturneJewel :iconnocturnejewel: the new founder of :iconcrestedgeckolovers:

As some of you may have noticed, there has been some recent changes in the running of this group. Our former founder has promptly and without a word (even to me) left the group, leaving me as the new founder in charge.

I have never ran a group before. This is all new to me and I hope you will bear with me as I try to find my way around here...
I've been pointed out by :iconnocturnejewel: NocturneJewel that contributors can't approve new art....
I didnt realise that there was a setting I needed to change...
Well I've learned from it and now the group should be running fine :)
If there is anything else you see that's going wrong,please let me know so I could fix it :)


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